How can I emigrate to the U.S. or Canada?

We can evaluate your case and show you the best options for you to achieve your visa goals.

Can you speed up the visa process for me?

We can provide you with innovative fast-track visa strategies which can speed the process.

Will I succeed in my new country?

We can help you with our Total Consulting™ services ranging from job search to tax planning.

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nexus advisory: we unlock borders for you

Since 2003, Nexus Advisory has represented clients located around the world in all aspects of U.S.& Canadian immigration. Founding Partner, Garreth Westwood and his in-house team of legal professionals handle cases for Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized and small companies, as well as individuals navigating the U.S. & Canadian immigration systems.

As a boutique consultancy that exclusively practices immigration law, we pride ourselves on being a niche specialist firm. We can provide high quality advice with a more personalized and responsive service and reduced overheads. In professional services, "bigger is not better". With global reach and web-based technologies, we have been able to work successfully with international clients. We value this opportunity to help you achieve your North American immigration goals.